I'm Shauni and thanks for visiting my blog, where I write about sewing my own clothes.

I picked up dressmaking a few years ago after a lifelong interest in crafts and creative pursuits. I find the quality, style and fit of clothes in high street shops frustratingly hit and miss, so I decided to bypass the shops entirely and make the styles I want for myself. Along the way,  I've picked up loads of new skills and a better understanding of fabric and the tools of the trade, and I'm still learning. 

  I love sewing more than anything else, particularly when it involves interesting silhouettes and fabric with a personality.  I'm mostly inspired by Cos, Vivienne Westwood, &OtherStories, and all the amazing home-dressmakers I follow on Instagram.

Want to know more? I talked about my interests in style and sewing in a bit more detail in this post.

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Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!