An Orange Emery

It's been a fairly slow and steady sew, but I've finally finished my first Emery dress. I've heard a lot of sewing blogger buzz around the Christine Haynes pattern, and I can definitely see why - I'm totally on board!

The buzz was only part of the reason why I snapped up the pattern though... I stopped by the lovely Ray Stitch (again) on a recent trip to London TO SEE KATE BUSH (!!!) - no big deal or anything - and there was a beautiful Emery made up and hanging in the window. Unfortunately I didn't have the pennies to buy the fabric too, but that's probably for the best, as my fabric stash (mountain) is ever growing. I didn't take a picture, but I here's their Instagram pic of it...

So suitably inspired, I set off with making my own. With the English winter setting in, I chose to make Version B. Oh and if you've read my other posts, you'll know I'm a big fan of a good collar. I chose a medium-weight, autumnal orange, poly cotton to make the dress in - nothing too fancy, I just had it lying around. I favour jumping straight in and having a go with fairly cheap fabric, rather than muslin making. This is bad I know, but most of the time I can do just a few tweaks and have a perfectly wearable garment.

I normally have very little patience for pattern marking, but I bought a nifty chalk wheel tool that makes drawing darts a breeze. I can't believe I've done without one for so long!

The making up process was quite straightforward. I cut a straight size 8 (think this equates to a UK size 12). It's probably a smidge tight at the bust - didn't do an FBA, risky business - but it's a pretty good fit overall. For my next Emery, I'll probably ease the side seam allowance to around 1cm at the bust instead of 1.5cm. A tiny bit more breathing room and then the fit will be spot on! The two small darts on the neckline of the back bodice are genius. I always seem to get gaping around the back neckline, but this is clearly the way to prevent it.

I wasn't so sure about the sleeves at first. I felt a bit like a little girl in her Sunday best. But I'm starting to come around to them, and there's always the option to shorten them for spring. I love everything else though, especially the dreamy neckline.

The dress itself has no bells, whistles or frills - I'm sure these could be added at the maker's discretion, along with the bow that the pattern provides instructions for - but it's one of those proper lovely, solid wardrobe-staples. I'll definitely be sewing up a few more - maybe I could use it for the next One Week One Pattern..? I'll be looking to the blogosphere for inspiration, especially to Roisin aka Dolly Clackett and her many Emery dresses - how does she churn them out?! Any Emery switch-ups and suggestions would be much appreciated!

In other news...
I mentioned in my last post that I was starting a dress making course, well it's in full swing! I'll save it for another time, but all I can say is that I'm working on something potentially very exciting - it'll be even more exciting if I can pull it off!

I've also been hoarding fabric like a crazy lady. I heard it down the grapevine that the Hebden Bridge WI Rag Market was the place to be, and it didn't disappoint. Here is just one of the fabric treasures I picked up...

The next Rag Market is in May 2015 and I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!