3 things to make for Me Made May

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

No panic sewing here! This post should actually be titled '3 things that I definitely don't need to make in time for Me Made May but want to anyway', but that isn't particularly catchy. I actually have a bit of time off work and I'm going to hopefully use it to get a few things made from my sewing list.

I promised myself that I would take part in this year's Me Made May, having not made an official pledge last year but giving it a bit of a go anyway with my then-limited hand made wardrobe.Things are looking a bit different this year...

Me Made May is obviously intended to be fun, but I particularly like the way that it makes people re-evaluate the things they've made and the way that they wear them. Just the thought of it made me grab this selection/jumble of handmade from my wardrobe, after which, I felt a) proud that I'd made so much in the past year, and b) happy to rescue the ones that had got lost in the depths of the wardrobe!

But here are the 3 things still on my list to make:

1. A self drafted bodice/Lilou skirt hack
I've made a few dresses from a self drafted pattern that I made at evening school, and achieving the perfect fitting bodice is pretty much my biggest sewing achievement.

I want to use the bodice pattern again and again, but make each garment different through simple changes to things like the neckline and sleeves, or a quite obvious one: attaching a different skirt. The original version was tulip shaped with a big forties-style flounce. The one above is my latest, made from Liberty floral with a long gathered skirt. And the proposed skirt for my next version...

The Lilou from Love at First Stitch! It will just take a bit of tweaking to get those lovely pleats to match the princess seams of the bodice (and I might add a bit of length to it too) but I think it will look fab!

2. A basic plain blouse
Readers might know that I love a good Lottie blouse (see here, here and here), but I also love a jazzy patterned fabric too...

I like to sew using exciting fabrics because it lets me make something totally different to the garments you see in the shops. Although I have been known to wear double pattern, I think it's time I made a couple of plain tops (most likely Lottie's), mainly for the sake of other people's vision. But seriously, having a plain blouse to wear with a jazzy handmade skirt will make head-to-toe me-made a much more wearable option.

3. The holiday-sun cover up

Not really my usual style, but I think the most challenging part of Me Made May could be the (hopefully sunny) holiday I'm taking at the end of the month, so some sort of cover up would be great. The pattern and instructions to make this lace jacket/cover up were in Love Sewing issue 8 (the Christmas issue with the free Skater Dress pattern). I'm putting a slight twist on it by using a sheer black fabric with a raised geometric pattern.

So to conclude... hopefully I'll be wearing all of my me-made clothes, plus a few newly made garments next month! Here's my pledge:

 'I, Shauni from The Magnificent Thread, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear one hand made garment each day for the duration of May 2015'


Visit So Zo..What do you know? and her Me Made May '15 post to sign up too!

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  1. I'm nervous about participating in MMM in case I don't have enough wearable handmades, but you've totally inspired me to sort out my wardrobe and see what I can do with what I've got and what I need to make!

    1. I'm also nervous Rachael but I'm going to try my best! Last year I tried it with only a couple of skirts and tops (I didn't do so well, but should be better this year!) I'm sure you've made more than you think - hope you decide to sign up too :)

  2. I love your self drafted bodice - it's so gorgeous! You have lots of lovely handmade pieces to wear through MMM this year. I really wanted to take part this year but I really don't have enough pieces yet. Maybe next year!

    1. Thanks Jo :) I'm not sure I have quite enough pieces either but going to give it my best shot! X

  3. I definitely need a plain Lottie or two, too! I've just signed up, hopefully going to get another skirt made before the challenge begins... Excited! xox


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