GBSB casual trousers: a pair of pairs

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A strange thing is happening - I'm currently sewing at a MUCH faster pace than I can blog. I've had the sewing bug for a long time, but it's like since I caught an actual bug (glandular fever eurghh) my sewing output has massively increased. It's been good to get on with some sewing in the moments when I've had some energy. And this was such an easy sew that I managed to make two pairs...

...the Great British Sewing Bee Casual Trousers.
This pattern is from the 3rd GBSB book Fashion with Fabric and it's one of the many 'pattern hack' options - it's the bottom half hack of the jumpsuit. The casual trousers are made up of just 3 pattern pieces - front leg, back leg and waistband. 
The 'look-I-made-trousers' selfie isn't an easy one to capture!
Both fabrics are Hebden Bridge WI Rag Market wonders from my stash. I made pair one up in an evening using a paisley print brushed cotton. Pair two were just as quick, and I think they really suit the blue drapey viscose - from the same batch I used for my Kielo Wrap Dress (yep I had that much!).

True to their name, they are super casual; nice and roomy and have an elasticated waist. I cut a straight size 12. You don't really have to worry about the fit as it's all determined by how tight you cut your elastic for the waist. I found that they sit on my natural waist, which is great for me, though they look like they might sit a little lower on the model in the book.
On my way out for pizza - loving the elasticated waistband
I been avoiding button holes for life, particularly after a difficult session trying to add them to my slippy polyester Mimi, but I managed the 2 on the waistband pretty well! I think the fabric must make all the difference. Also I did them manually rather than using the automatic buttonhole function on my machine. The first pair are a bit wonky, but I think I improved on the blue ones (yay!).

I bought a longer length of cord for my second pair. The recommended 1 metre fits perfectly in the paisley pair, but the ends try to escape back inside the waistband every time they're taken on and off, which is a bit of a pain. I took a few inches off the leg length of both pairs, so they're a bit cropped. Judging by the pictures, I'm thinking I might have took an inch too many off, but oh well.

At first I thought they'd just be comfy pants to wear around the house, but they're also pretty smart depending on what you pair them with. I've never made trousers before, and I'd say this is a great introduction to making a garment that can be quite daunting. I'm spurred on to tackle a more tailored pair of trousers next and luckily I managed to grab the Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle 1, which contains the Sew Over It Ultimate Trouser pattern! Watch this space.

P.S. speaking of Sew Over It, I love the new Anderson Blouse pattern! I'm wearing the same Topshop blouse in 2 different colours in these snaps and it's quite similar in style, so might have to whip up my own version! Has anyone else bought/made the Anderson Blouse yet?

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  1. I love them! They look snazzy as hell too!!

    I know what you mean about speeding through projects when you're ill!

    1. Thanks Susie! Think I'll be making a bunch more - the louder the fabric, the better :)
      Hopefully I can keep up the pace of sewing now I'm better


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