A Liebster Award!

Friday, October 30, 2015

A lovely thing happened this week - my blog was nominated for a Leibster Award!

A Leibster Award is something that bloggers give to other bloggers - thanks so much to Fiona from Sewing vs Knitting for nominating The Magnificent Thread! The whole idea behind the Awards is to share a love of blogging and discover new blogs. You pass it on to others once nominated, so it's like being part of a positive chain of encouragement.

So as a part of receiving a Leibster, I have to share 11 facts about myself:

Hi I'm Shauni!
1. I'm named after a Baywatch character called Shauni. I was going to be called Mitch (the same as the Hoff's character) if I was a boy - no jokes. Of course this was all my Dad's idea.

2. I originally wanted to be a curator and spent some time working in the the Costume and Textile department at Leeds Museums and Galleries. I catalogued hundreds of Victorian Capes, handled garments too delicate to ever be displayed to the public, and eventually decided I didn't want to curate. I did, however, write some of my earliest blog posts for the Museum's Secret Life of Objects blog (like this one!).

Some of the capes I catalogued in the store at Leeds Museums and Galleries
3. I'm an only child and have always enjoyed it. I never really missed having a brother or sister (and I had a lot of holiday pen pals).

4. I grew up in Rotherham and left when I was 18 to go to Uni. I live in Leeds now, so retained a fairly strong Yorkshire accent (FYI it's a breadcake, and luggy is definitely a word).

Hyde Park in Leeds
5. I've had some pretty strange jobs, including dressing up as a the Gruffalo, and working in a castle. At the castle, I did everything from school tours, to locking up the castle (with a castle-size key!) and... cleaning the pigeon poo.

6. I own 15+ analogue cameras. I even made a knitted mascot for my University photography society once upon a time. I don't get the chance to use them nearly enough anymore, but still take great pleasure flicking through all of my old film photos.

A knitted camera
7. I based my A Level textile project on making a garment for Dita Von Teese. I remember getting into trouble for googling 'risque' images of her on the school computers!

8. There's nothing like the pure joy of buying a new pair of shoes. It's not often that I buy high street clothes, so shoes are my massive weakness. I recently had a pair of leather/wooden-soled clogs custom made by Walkley Clogs - it's love!

9. I was once filmed to appear in a TV episode of 'Grimefighters' (the show that followed people around who unblock drains/clear out houses/inspect dirty kitchens). My section was meant to be a lighthearted look at grime - I was cleaning and conserving Victorian floor tiles! - but I'm not sure if it was ever aired. If you ever see me on ITV2 replays, let me know!

Minton floor tile jigsaw
10. I kept a daily diary from the ages of 11 to about 20. I've still got them all and occasionally flick through them to stir up a bit of nostalgia - and often cringe at my teenage self.

11. I would spend all my days in Paris if I could (or won the lottery).

Paris through a Fisheye
It's so nice to hear that someone enjoys reading your blog, so thank you again Fiona
I'm now really happy to get to nominate some of the blogs I read too:

Please go and check out their wonderful blogs! If my nominees choose to accept, then they will also have to share 11 random facts about themselves, and pass on the cheer by nominating their favourite blogs with under 200 followers.

And I realise I haven't posted any completed garments in a while! I have a few posts waiting for photos, so expect some updates soon :)

Stay in touch!

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  1. Shauni thanks so much for that really put a smile on my face! I've done my facts too!

    I wish I'd kept a diary that long! Or maybe I don't, I have one from when I was about 13 and its super cringetastic!

    1. Glad it put a smile on your face :) I didn't know much about the awards before but they're such a good idea! X

  2. Shauni, thank you so much for nominating me! The feeling is mutual my dear, I love your blog! Also a fellow Leeds lass here (although I now live in London) and I concur - no matter what anyone else says, luggy is definitely a word! x

    1. Hurray another Leeds girl! Thanks for writing such a fab blog :) looking forward to seeing who you nominate! X

  3. I loved reading your 11 facts! I could happily spend my days in Paris too!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to reading yours too :)

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! It's been a while since I've done one of these so I'll definitely take part. I love that you were named after a Baywatch character, absolutely brilliant! I'm going to have to think hard to come up with equally interesting and fun facts about myself.

    1. No problem Jo - I'm glad you want to take part :) I spent ages pondering over my 11 facts ha - good luck with yours, looking forward to reading them and checking out your nominees too! x

  5. I love that you worked with costume! I studied fashion with a view to going into costume design, but now I work as a film archivist and I can't imagine anything better, although I'd still love to do something with costumes as a back up :) your name is so cool, much more interesting than being named after some distant relative!

    1. Hey Elise - working as a film archivist sounds just as exciting as working with costumes - wow! Just checked out your blog and love your knitting. I never manage to find the time or patience to get on with mine (been making the same jumper for 2 years now...) Maybe I should join in with Yarn Along to get me going! x


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