Retro Rucksack #2

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Here's my second Retro Rucksack (pattern by Radiant Home Studio), not made for me, but as a birthday gift for a friend! It's not often that I get round to doing any unselfish sewing - in fact I only promised this one after a glass of wine too many - but I really enjoyed making my first one, so this was a nice, stress-free bit of present making.

Retro Rucksack #2
My fabrics were once again from the always wonderful Fabworks. They have a great selection of showerproof and outdoors-y style fabrics that would be good for a a parka or a mac, and they work great for bags like this. I picked a more muted, classic palette this time with my friend in mind:
  • Khaki wax cotton for the bottom and the straps - it's slightly heavier in weight than the wax cotton I used for version 1. I actually used it wrong side up as I preferred the finish of the non-waxed side (which is darker in colour and marks quite easily).
Worn as a backpack on the model
  • Thin stripe fabric for main bag - this is a remnant of soft furnishing/curtain fabric. It's a really decent weight, so I skipped the interfacing on that bit, as it has enough body to hold the shape of the bag alone.
I looked really funny balancing and holding a lamp up while I tried to take these photos! I'd be no good at product shots!
  • Acetate/poly mix for the lining - this is the same design as I used the first time round, but in different colours. I avoided ironing it where possibly after last time's melting incident.

Zip opening
A little peak at the lining and inside pocket
I made my own straps once again, which is a truly satisfying process. I added a few inches to the shoulder strap - as much as my fabric permitted - so there's a bit more room for maneuver when adjusting the straps.

A lovely, neat view of the back
I love the Retro Rucksack pattern, and particularly enjoyed sewing this version up now I'm feeling a bit more confident about bag making. As I was making it with my friend in mind I thought I'd feel totally fine about parting company with it, but I ended up really wanting to keep it haha! I like how smart and professional the two outer fabrics look together - I put my all into that topstitching too!

Side view
My mum saw this one and has already put in a request for the next, so it definitely won't be the last time I'll use this pattern! My friend is planning to take hers on a trip to New York - we thought it would be a really secure bag to travel with because of all the fastenings - so I requested a picture as proof that my sewing went international! Until then, here's a picture of the bag in use, in a not so exotic, but quite sunny, Bradford - I feel all warm and fuzzy inside seeing someone else wearing something I've made!

New bag gifted to it's new owner
I've been doing a lot of sewing in the last couple of weeks, but I'm not quite up to speed with getting pictures of everything so they can be blogged. I have a few posts lined up, and a very exciting project in the works that I'll be sharing more about soon (it involves sparkles!)

And if anyone has any bag pattern recommendations, I would love to hear them! I think I've caught the bug!

Stay in touch!

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  1. I LOVE the fabric combination as well. It looks so classically smart. Well done! Have you tried the Portside Travel Set? I've been pumping those out like crazy lately, and the finished product looks great. It's worth a try. Bigger than the Retro Rucksack, but nice for travelling.

    1. Thank you Carlee! No I haven't tried the Portland travel set but I've seen yours and they look fab! I might have to try it out. A new travel bag means more excuse to travel right?! :)

  2. Wow that rucksack looks fab, lucky friend! I love the Stella Weekender from Swoon patterns. It's a bit of a chore to cut out - there are a lot of pieces and loads of interfacing. I think it was worth it. The finished bag looks great and the instructions nice and clear. I didn't have my usual "don't understand so I'll just wing it" moments I get with most patterns

    1. Oh wow Ellie, thanks! I've just checked out Swoon patterns and there are SO many I like - the Stella Weekender, the duffel bag and the camera bag! I definitely need nice and clear instructions when bag making, so might have to try one of them out :) x

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