Turia dungaree dress #2

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hola! I've just returned from a recent trip to Barcelona where I managed to get some lovely sunny snaps of my second, (new and improved with adjustments) Pauline Alice Turia Dungaree Dress. I must say this about nearly every make, but it's definitely my new favourite. I think this one is very deserving of it's place on a pedestal for the sheer amount of effort that went into making it.

2nd Turia Dungaree Dress
I already sung the pattern's praises the first time round, and now I knew what to expect, it felt easier to put a bit more planning and effort into the finish of the garment. First up, I knew I wanted a slightly heavier denim in black. Quality black denim was surprisingly hard to come by! I finally found this mid-heavy weight denim in Fabworks - but I've also been informed by the lovely Sew Essential team that they stock black denim too! The weight is perfect, and holds it's shape much better during wear (creases above only the result of the flight to Barcelona!!)

Finishing the pocket edges
I think I was feeling brave/inspired in the wake of The Big Simplicity Blog Meet, so I went for contrast topstitching on the pockets and top of the bib - in what I can only describe as 'Doc Marten yellow'. I even bought proper topstitching thread, which it turns out, requires a larger needle (which I used) or preferably a special topstitching needle (if you've got one) and an increased stitch length. You can sort of tell I was a bit nervous at getting the 2 rows of stitching neat and parallel in parts, but I'm super proud of the effort! I think the little wobbles add a certain charm :)

Pre-buttons and buckles
I used bias binding where needed to conceal the raw edges on the inside pockets and back - the main edge is machine stitched and then I hand stitched it in place on the inside. I blindly put all faith in the instructions with my first pair, which frayed like mad in the wash on the bits where there weren't explicit directions to finish the raw edge. Ah what a thing hindsight is... It took a bit of time to do, but I'm SO pleased with the finish.

Back view

- I adjusted the positioning of the back pockets - I thought they were too high and too far apart last time - which has worked out pretty well. Note: topstitch detailing on them too - I was really starting to enjoy it by this point!

- I sewed the back straps in slightly angled towards the direction they go during wear. I suspected this might improve the fit after making my last pair and it really did the trick - thanks Jo for letting me know that it worked for hers and giving me the confidence to try it!

Final picture - just ready to head in for day 1 of Primavera!
And then it was just the buttons and buckles to add - both from Green Grizzly again. I sewed the buckles in place rather than knotting the straps this time, as I thought it more suited the 'neat' finish I was going for.

Finished with buckles and buttons!
I have some pretty big makes on my 'to-sew' pile, and a house move on the cards for June, but when I finally get chance, I'd love to hack the pattern to make a long button down version like this one from Monki.
A very hackable option for the Turia Pattern
Thanks again Pauline Alice for my perfect summer pattern! (which will probably see me into autumn and winter too).

Stay in touch!

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    its fantastic!

    frankie x

  2. Such neat topsticthing! Love it!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely getting a lot of wear :)

  3. Great job on this- the topstitching is so neat and even!
    The Artyologist

  4. These look so smart! I love the contrast topstitching. Glad to hear the angled straps worked better for you too.

    1. Thank you for the tip! Will definitely do it this way again in future :)

  5. These are great! Do you mind explaining a bit more how you angled the straps?

    1. Thanks Taleah!
      I found that when you align and stitch the straps to the back of the dungarees, they seem to sit slightly off during wear as they're being pulled against the direction they naturally want to lie in (up the centre of the back). To try and rectify this, I tilted the straps outwards in the direction they would go over the shoulders and sit during wear (not quite diagonally, but about 30degrees out from the centre) and then stitched them in place! You could always baste them in place and check first. It seemed to work for me, so I hope this makes sense! :)

    2. Thanks!! That's how I had in my head you were saying! I will let you know it goes!


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