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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Hi all! I'm seeing a real shift in makers working towards being more sustainable, and #sewingleftovers is just one small initiative amongst the many, so thanks to anyone who has shown interest and to those of you who have taken the time to join in! Speaking of those of you who've joined in, the response has been phenomenal with over 400 posts using #sewingleftovers shared on Instagram in the small amount of time it's been out in the world! I thought it was definitely time to do a round up based on some of the fantastic shares and suggestions offered up by the community, so here we go...

Links to all patterns and original posts can be found below
Of course, the patterns we choose for our leftovers can be limited or determined by the amount of fabric we have - leftovers can be anything from tiny scraps to huge chunks - but here are some of my favourite makes from patterns that work with limited lengths.

1. Marilla Walker Maya Top by @heritageninja
2. Workroom Social Tate Top  (FREE pattern!) by @ofchemists
3. Grainline Studio Willow Tank by @sixyardsunder
4. True Bias Lander Shorts by @craftwerking
5. Kitschy Coo Barrie Briefs by @susanna_and_katyarose
6. Named Clothing Inari Tee by @projekt.kleiderschrank
7. République du Chiffon Juliette Shirt by @mariasyrgrejer

Links to all patterns/original posts can be found below
I looked at uses of pleather in my last plans/inspiration post, mainly with bags in mind, so here are some more bags and accessories suited to different kinds of leftovers. Thanks to Sam and Natasha for recommending the perfect patterns to remedy my need for a circle bag - question is, which one do I try first?!

1. Circle handbag from Love Sewing Magazine issue 48 (recommended by Sam)
2. Noodlehead Wool and Wax Tote by @michelleofatime
3. Sarah Kirsten Fennel Fanny Pack by @wellfibre (and suggested by Craftwerk)
4. Kylie and the Machine Ida Clutch by me! (A shameless plug but I love it so much and it's getting so much use - you can see my blog post about it here)
5. Carolyn Friedlander Nest Egg Tote (recommended by Natasha)
6. Headband and tutorial to make your own by @thegirlwhomakes

Mix and match
Links to all patterns and original posts can be found below
Because we can't always have the perfect big chunk of fabric left at the end of each project! Here's some inspiration for trying to incorporate those smaller leftovers into a new make, and a bunch of patchwork patterns that will do the work for you!

1. Papercut Patterns Kyoto Tee hack by @sewuthinkucan
2. Ready to Sew Juliette Skirt by @io_e_carlotta
3. Pretty panelled top by @lejditea
4. Style Arc Quinn Woven Top by @cookinandcraftin - Meg wrote a great blog post on this make here
5. Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch M7132 Patchwork Kimono Jacket Pattern
6 & 7. Blueprints for Sewing Geodesic Pullover and A Frame Skirt (recommneded by Barbara)

And if you needed any more inspiration:

Listen to Love to Sew Episode 42, 'Sustainability and Sewing Part 2' - #sewingleftovers gets a mention alongside tonnes of other community-sourced bits of wisdom, projects and inspiration! Thanks Helen and Caroline!

Watch Craftwerk explore sustainability in sewing practice and question 'who made my fabric?' and offer some great stash busting suggestions in her vlogs.

Check out these incredible patchwork jeans by @mariasyrgrejer. She beat me to making my own pair which I talked about in the last #sewingleftovers inspiration post and now I'm feeling truly inspired to crack on with mine!

Browse #sewingleftovers on Instagram for loads more inspiration!

Stay in touch!

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  1. Great post Shauni, I love using up scraps and am currently piecing together bits for remaking. I'll probably use the Collette Sorbetto pattern. I know it's an old one but it's a great make every time.

    1. Thank you Claire! I've still not got round to making a Sorbetto, but it looks like a good one for working with scraps :)

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this. Every little bit we can do will help. The great thing is that these patterns and ideas are still very cute, so no one will be skimping on style. Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks Natasha :) It's had a surprisingly positive impact upon my fabric buying habits too - I've actually unearthed loads of fabric I'd forgotten about or leftovers I'd previously written off as too small.I can't believe the creations people are making with their leftovers - so so cool!

  3. Great to see what people are doing with their scraps. I saw an amazing pair of patchwork jeans ages ago, that I really hope I pinned - one day I will make them!

    1. Haha me too with the patchwork jeans! Maybe it will be the next big trend in sewing world..? :)


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