2018 in Sewing vs 2019 in Sewing Plans

Friday, January 04, 2019

I've been contemplating the 'make nine' concept. For me, it's always going to throw up some difficulties - I only put down the things I want to make NOW, rather than looking ahead for the year. This means some things are left unmade due to changing my mind over time (not necessarily a bad thing), but I also tend to do a big rush to make things from the list before giving myself enough time to consider them, the less-good outcome being that I find myself unsure of the pattern/garment once it's finished.  

Whilst on the surface, my 7 out of 9 makes for the #2018makenine challenge looks like quite a positive, when you unpick the aftermath: the wears and the fate of each garment, this pictured 'success' actually looks quite different'...

#2018makenine: 7 out of 9, but it's not all as rosy as it seems...
Papercut Patterns Kyoto Sweater in green sweatshirting (unblogged)
January 2018
Fate: recycled
This was a real fail: the fabric looked cheap and the neckline gaped to an unwearable extent - something I found with other Kyotos. I'm giving up on this pattern.

Simplicity 8459 in orange corduroy
January 2018
Fate: charity shop
I really enjoyed making this and I was even pleased with the finished product, but surprisingly it just didn't fall into regular rotation. Maybe the corduroy was a bit thin for the project. I'm hoping someone else gets more love out of it than me!

Lander Pants, multiple pairs
February-May 2018
Fate: Two worn, one charity shopped
I had a real bee in my bonnet over the Landers at the beginning of the year, determined but struggling to get the fit right. I learnt a lot about making adjustments, but mainly that I have a long crotch (!!!) and the two that are still in the wardrobe (one in black cord and this pair in yellow denim) are just almost spot on! I'll probably return to this pattern at some point in 2019, with just a few more tweaks.

Named Clothing Nascha Mini Skirt in mustard denim

DP Studio le 809 Coat in grey leopard print wool
January 2018
Fate: worn
This was very much a challenging make, but a coat which got a lot of wear early in the year. Unfortunately I haven't been as tempted to put it back on this winter, feeling it looks that bit too oversized, but it survived the big end of year clear out at least.

République du Chiffon Elisabeth Blouse in khaki crepe (unblogged)
April 2018
Fate: charity shop
This was a clunky make, mainly starting with the wrong fabric choice (too heavy) and extending to my poor efforts with the details (see this Instagram post). The finished blouse looked ok, but the volume and swing of it just didn't suit me.

DP Studio le 915 Shirt Dress in bottle green viscose
Unmade but fabric reallocated
Perhaps one of my best decisions of this year's make nine was to reallocate this bottle green viscose to making one of my favourite garments of the year: the Pretty Mercerie Sayan Blouse

Wool and the Gang Relax Knit Through it Sweater
December 2018
Fate: worn
It took almost a year, but I finished my first knitted jumper and it felt all new kinds of rewarding!

Trend Patterns Side Drawstring Dress
August 2018
Fare: worn
A massive challenge, a bit of a headache, but it's still hanging in the wardrobe and gets the occasional wear!

So onto this year's plans, and still using the #2019makenine concept, but thinking of ways I can better make it work for me. Similar to last year, I already have the pattern, and in some cases the fabric for all of my chosen projects, so I'm investing in my stash. I've tried to include choices that are (hopefully) more timeless, leaning towards the bigger projects like jackets and bags, and another knitted project as I enjoyed last year's so much.

1) Fibremood Carmella Jumpsuit
2) Joe Ready to Sew Blazer in grey pinstripe wool with matching trousers (pattern TBD)
3) Sarah Kirsten Fennel Fanny Pack
4) Trend Patterns TPC12 Utility Trousers, first in corduroy (hopefully a wearable muslin) and then in rich blue denim
5) Sew Over It Cocoon Coat in Maculloch & Wallis mohair, which I finally took the plunge on
6) Fibre Mood Tara Knitted Jumper
7) Pretty Mercerie Sayan Blouse in yellow crepe bought at Tomato in Tokyo
8) Making Backpack by Noodlehead (this one is by @notaprimarycolour)
9) True Bias Nikko Dress hack to match this Phoebe Philo for Celine dress

I plan to be thoughtful with these makes and flexible with myself and my choices - if I change my mind on something, that's totally fine. All the projects should present a bit of a challenge, even the Sayan which I'm revisiting and the Nikko Dress, which will need a bit more consideration due to the hack. Hopefully this will help me to take things more slowly.

Have you been rethinking your sewing plans this year?

Stay in touch!

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  1. Hi Shaunie
    I really like how you presented your reflections on your makenine!
    Keep on sewing!
    Wis x

    1. Thanks Wis! I'll most definitely be keeping on sewing (maybe a bit of knitting too)! xx

  2. Nice wrap-up of your 2018 Make Nine! I'm looking forward to see what you do in the coming year.

    1. Thanks Amy, me too! Hopefully this year's makes will get a bit more wear across the board :)

  3. I wonder if the celine/Philo is closer to the Victory Patterns Jackie dress perhaps but the nikko would be great especially as I know you've worn and had success with it already! Ive always been wary of the make nine concept so it's really interesting to see your thoughts on it. Hope this years plans are helpful and I'll keep thinking about how and whether I can do my own make nine!

    1. Hi Jenny, you're right, the Jackie Dress is probably similar, though that is made in a woven! Keen to try an experimental Nikko with the fabric I have, but I might be tempted by the Jackie afterwards - thanks for the great suggestion! Good luck with your sewing plans, however you choose to lay them out! :)

  4. I enjoyed the style of your wrap-up! Because it's not just about the making, it is about the wearing! I've never participated in Make9, but I think I will this year. I don't have a big stash, but I want it to get sewn up, so with that in mind I have almost solidified my list. But I won't be getting started just yet, so I still have time to ponder my choices!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't wear everything, but I felt like I had to be honest about it as on the surface, the outcome looked like a success! I saw a slightly more relaxed sewing challenge called 'Sew Six' that looks great if nine seemed like a stretch for your list/stash. Good luck with your sewing plans :)

  5. I only ended up making one of the projects on my list, so I have better hopes for 2019! I hope your projects this year end up working into your wardrobe better than the ones you made last year. It's always disappointing to sew something that doesn't end up in regular rotation.

    1. Thank you Nicole, me too! If not, I might have to move away from the make nine concept next year. I've seen a couple of other interesting challenges - Sew Six looks like a good and slightly more relaxed one! x


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