Fibre Mood Wallys Wrap Blouse

When I said I didn't think I could resist this fabric I was obviously weak-willed and entirely right. It's a silk/cotton mix from Fabric Godmother in the very same snakeskin print as the cotton drill I used for my recent Julien Jacket. The opportunity to sew it up into something lovely arose when I was asked if I'd like to preview the patterns from Fibre Mood's latest Pattern Book (number 4, which is available now)! Having had success with their Carmella Jumpsuit and Tara Jumper, I was very much taken by and happy to try the new Wally's wrap blouse.

Wallys wrap blouse - worn not quite as intended
The Wallys is a long and fairly voluminous sleeved wrap around blouse that ties at the smallest point of the waist. I've been wearing my Sayan Blouse quite often, so I thought this would make for a similar, but slightly more relaxed and collarless alternative. What I didn't realise whilst making Wallys is just how versatile it might be to wear. It's worth pointing out that in most of these pictures I've twisted both sides together at the front and looped the ties round the back where they're knotted in a bow - probably my favourite way to wear it. Scroll down for pictures of it worn as intended!

Wallys line drawings
The pattern is available in PDF format, as well as being included in the pattern inserts in the back of the physical magazine - you can also view the instructions for free online before making it by logging into Fibre Mood. I was pleased to see that Fibre Mood layer their PDFs, meaning you can just select and print the size(s) that you want. The only thing that's a bit of a pain is having to add seam allowances, though it didn't take too long overall. I made up a size 40 (UK 12) based on my measurements, but in hindsight, would downsize to a 10 as the wrap style is quite easy-going in terms of fit.

I only bought 1.5m of this fabric as it was quite pricey, and miraculously managed to squeeze all of my pattern pieces out of it - the fabric requirements are given for each individual size: 185cm is the recommended amount for the size 40. I shortened my waist ties by about 25cm to fit them out of the fabric, but they're still plenty long enough!

The make was a breeze and the instructions are easy to follow. I free-styled the ties a little as the pattern wasn't quite clear, but I got in touch with Fibre Mood to check and I've since been informed that it's been updated - I love a responsive and helpful pattern company! Essentially you insert the two ties in between the front blouse and facing on each side.

Back view
Sleeve details and vintage buttons
I always dread cuffs and sleeve slits for no real reason, but these were really straightforward to construct. You'll notice a fair few tucks in the sleeves, which gives them quite a bit more 'puff' than I'm used to. Even though the fabric is soft and light, it holds the shape and volume of the sleeves really well. I never really caught onto the big sleeve trend, but maybe this is the garment that will help me embrace it?

Wrapped as intended!
Whilst it was a lovely make and is a really beautiful blouse on the hanger, there's something I can't quite put my finger on about this look as a whole. I'm wearing the Wallys with my DP Studio Le411 skirt in these pictures, but it's definitely going to take a bit more thought to style it and balance out the volume for day-to-day wear. The sudden burst of warm weather and my aversion to summer dressing might also be coming into play here - maybe I just need a bit of time (and more sun!) to get used to it...  What do you think?

Ways of wearing Wallys
Here are the ways of wearing Wallys that I've explored so far - definitely more options than I bargained for! I'm actually quite into it as a little throw-over summer layer like the middle picture, though I think I might need a summer holiday to make the most of this style! 

If you fancy making your own version of the Wallys blouse, or a whole collection of stylish/on trend garments (the Vienna Dress is on my list!) then I'd recommend picking up a Fibre Mood Pattern Book (you can do a digital browse of them here). I have numbers 1 and 2 and they're great value for money, as well as an aesthetic treat!

See some of the other patterns from the latest edition, made up and shared by makers as a part of Link Party #8

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Happy half-decade blog!

As of today, I've been keeping this corner of the internet alive for half a decade - happy birthday blog! I wanted to mark this not-quite-momentous occasion with a small post, but the inspiration hasn't really struck me. What I can say is how proud I am that sewing has gone from my small-time hobby to a full blown lifestyle choice, and I'm glad I've stuck to writing about it for so long. I'm so very thankful to the people, pattern companies fellow sewists and sewing businesses who've supported this small personal venture of mine. The encouragement, advice and friendship I've been fortunate enough to receive over the years is more than I could have ever dreamed of when I started writing in 2014.

Pondering blogging, sewing, life...
Whilst blogs were rumoured to be on the out while mine was on the in, I still have the hope and stubborn belief that The Magnificent Thread will live on beyond and outside of scroll city and the Instagram algorithm/like circus. I still like reading long format reviews and I hope you do too! And audience aside, my own reviews have proven to be useful reference points for charting my evolving style, growing skill set, previous pattern iterations and notes for next time. This blog and my clothes have been my rather public diary for the past 5 years and long may it continue.

I've been pondering some of these things over the weekend wearing my latest make: the Vogue V9218 robe in View B. It's been nice to take a step back and invest my sewing time in something that's not for my wardrobe or any particular 'look', but entirely for me - a piece that almost no one would have ever seen until I went and put it on the internet (of course)! I'd definitely recommend a similar make if you need to press pause on your sewing plans and regroup.

I'll wind up this little stream of consciousness now by saying thank you again for taking the time to stop by my blog, whether that's been in the past, the present or maybe even in the future. If you're a fellow blog-advocate, I'd be grateful if you could let me know some of your favourites (and yours!) below so I can keep following and supporting as many as possible.

Lots of love,

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!