Me Made May 2019 - the mid way point

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

'I, Shauni of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear full me made outfits (minus underwear and shoes!) for the duration of May 2019, and aim to 'dress the way I want to feel' throughout the month (i.e. confident, cool, bold, fun) rather than reaching for the same old safe choices.'

Week One - garments linked below if blogged!
1st - Fibre Mood Carmella, Named Reeta Shirt Dress and B6178 culotte jumpsuit hack
2nd - Trend Patterns TPC10 Wide Leg Flares, sleeveless Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck and Named Reeta Shirt hack
3rd- Papercut Patterns Fall Turtleneck and self drafted side split skirt
4th - Fibre Mood Carmella Jumpsuit and sleeveless Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck 
5th - Vintage Prima Magazine pattern trousers, True Bias Nikko Top, Ready to Sew Julien Jacket 

Week Two - garments linked below if blogged
8th - Trend Patterns TPC10 Wide Leg Flares, Papercut Patterns Fall Turtleneck, Papercut Patterns Waver Jacket
9th - True Bias Lander Pants, Pretty Mercerie Sayan Blouse, Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck
10th - Named Reeta Shirt hack, M7661 Trousers, Closet Case Patterns Nettie t-shirt
11th - Ralph Pink Sahara Shirt
12th - Ready to Sew Jazz/B6178 jumpsuit hack, Papercut Patterns Fall Turtleneck
13th - B6178 Culottes, True Bias Nikko Top
14th - Named Reeta Shirt hack, DP Studio Le 411 Skirt

Just a little belated look at the first two weeks of Me Made May, rather than saving it all up for one monster post at the end of the month... I've been pretty pleased with the variety in my outfits so far, though I did have a small crisis of confidence on the 11th/12th, owing to it being the weekend and having too much time time to chose what to wear! Other than that, the sun is shining, I've had a haircut, and Paris Sewcial is on the cards for week three!

Stay in touch!

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  1. Some awesome outfits here Shauni. I'm coming up to Leeds this weekend to see my family, just as you are jetting off to Paris - have fun x

    1. Thank you Caroline! It's not quite Paris, but I hope you have a lovely time in Leeds! :)


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