Me Made May 2019 - the final round up

Sunday, June 02, 2019

It's been quite a May - maybe one of the best! I tried a little too hard to wear something different each day in the first half of the month, which in hindsight, was quite superficial - it's something I wouldn't normally strive to do. I'm pleased that in week 3 and 4 I fully embraced the clothes and combinations I know and love, and I felt happy, comfortable and confident as a result - maybe it shows, or maybe it's just that Parisian glow..?
Week three - garments linked below if blogged
15th - Sleeveless Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck, self-drafted skirt
16th - Pretty Mercerie Sayan Blouse, M7661 Trousers
17th - Ready to Sew Jeanne t-shirt, Stoff & Stil Skirt, Making Backpack
18th - Fibre Mood/Named/Butterick jumpsuit hack, Ready to Sew Julien Jacket
19th - Simplicity 8608 Jumpsuit, Making Backpack
20th - Fibre Mood Carmella Jumpsuit
21st - Ready to Sew Jeanne t-shirt, True Bias Lander Pants

Week four - garments linked below if blogged
22nd - Ready to Sew Jeanne t-shirt, M7661 Trousers
23rd - Named Reeta Shirt hack, Trend Patterns TPC10 Wide Leg Flares
24th - Stoff & Stil Skirt, True Bias Nikko Skirt
25th - Fibre Mood Carmella Jumpsuit, Making Backpack
26th - Trend Patterns TPC10 Wide Leg Flares, Ready to Sew Jeanne t-shirt, Read to Sew Julien Jacket, Kylie and the Machine Ida Clutch
27th - A 'didn't get dressed' kind of day
28th - Ready to Sew Julien Jacket, Ready to Sew Jeanne t-shirt, Ready to Sew Juliette Skirt

I totally nailed my personal style with some of the best outfit combinations in week 4. I always wondered what I'd pick if I tried a 10x10 challenge, but (accessories not included) I seem to have accidentally stumbled upon 9 out of 10 items right here!

Last few days!
29th - Fibre Mood/Named/Butterick jumpsuit hack
30th - Ready to Sew Jane Blouse, Trend Patterns TPC10 Wide Leg Flares
31st - M7661 Trousers, Named Reeta Shirt hack, Ready to Sew Julien Jacket

I've learned to stick with the garments I love. In some cases, this might mean revisiting favourite patterns - the Stoff & Stil Skirt, Fibre Mood Carmella, Trend Patterns Flares and the Ready to Sew Jeanne are definitely up there in this months faves. I don't see any huge gaps in my wardrobe anymore, and everything seems to gel together quite well, so I really am classing my Me Made May as a celebration of a versatile and fun wardrobe that fits my lifestyle, as well as making me feel great! Hope yours went just as well :)

Stay in touch!

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  1. You've put together some great looks there. I really like the TPC10 Wide Leg Flares - rather a dramatic silhouette - certainly not one you see too often. Love the Stoff and Stil skirt too!

    1. Thank you! I love the flares SO much - planning on making many more pairs :)

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