I'm Shauni, a clothes maker, sewing blogger and #sewingleftovers coordinator.
I'm in my late 20s and based in a small flat in Leeds in the UK, where I've been cultivating my sewing skills for the past five years. I'm now pleased to say I've reached a point where I no longer buy RTW (apart from undies/tights because I haven't got that much time!)

The Magnificent Thread is my online space where I share my makes, sewing plans, pattern testing experiences, reviews and more. 
More recently, it's also become the home of #sewingleftovers - a community initiative encouraging makers to reduce waste and put better use to the bits of fabric remaining at the end of a sewing project.

I picked up dressmaking in 2013 after a lifelong interest in crafts and creative pursuits (it just took me a while to find 'my craft').
The desire to make was born out of the frustratingly hit and miss fit, style and quality of high street clothes, and coincided with my need for a hobby after a job change freed up my evenings and weekends! Along the way,  I've developed new skills and a better understanding of fabric and the tools of the trade, and like most of us, I'm still learning.

By day, I'm a university outreach coordinator, working to improve young people's chances of entering higher education. Outside of that (and in my lunch breaks) I'm pursuing my teenage fashion design dreams in a modest, but for me, perfectly satisfying way.

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Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!